Every client we work with wants to separate themselves from the pack and establish a unique personality that is alluring to their ideal clients.

Copy writing is an art and a science. It’s a balancing act of keeping your clients engaged and creating calls to action to get them to reach out or buy your services.

You want to be authentic, professional, and engaging.

The words you choose speak to who you are. That’s why we believe in the importance of the words you use. Whether your brand is well-established or still in development, word choice can make or break a client’s interaction with your brand. When we create or edit copy for a client, we make sure that the wording is perfectly calibrated in three dimensions:

  • tone of voice

  • grammar and spelling

  • accessibility

Maybe you’re a wordsmith, and a wizard with grammar, however you have better things to do with YOUR TIME. Having a professional copy editor pass their eyes over your content can make all the difference. It saves you time and energy! Rest assured someone who LOVES crafting copy that is enticing and easy to ingest for your clients. Additionally our websites and time are refundable, is yours?

So what’s the difference between copy editing and copywriting services at Websites for 500?

When you’re thinking about hiring Websites for 500 to create your site, you should consider if you’d like to add copy editing or copywriting onto the package you select.

If you choose to go with copy editing, a professional copywriter will comb through all of the client-facing verbiage you provide to us. This service includes a thorough spelling and grammar check and basic re-wording when the content provided seems a little too wordy or clunky. If you’re a pretty confident writer but want a second set of eyes to look over your stuff, go for copy editing.

You should choose full-on copywriting if you want to take your site to the next level. Websites for 500 will create all of the copy for your site, top to bottom, including any tag lines or brand elements if none are provided. For $175, this is an excellent deal, especially in a market where the quality of your online presence can spell success or failure for your brand.



About your Copywriter

My name is Jacob Anderson and I am your copy wizard! I have experience working with a wide variety of brands and business and my work has helped to increase their net profits across the board. My background is in Literature Studies, Political Science and visual arts. As a student of the Liberal Arts, I approach my work with the desire to create highly marketable and aesthetically content that is also socially conscious. I look forward to collaborating with you soon!